Who are we?

The Broome Sports Association (BSA) has two key focus areas aimed at supporting, training and recognising local athletes, coaches and volunteers.

The Broome Talent Development Program and the Broome Sports Awards.

The BSA’s long term goal is to partner with stakeholders to support and develop sustainable sporting organisations to facilitate growth of local sport. If you are interested in being a part of the BSA please let us know via the contact page.

Current Committee Members


President - Mark Hubbard

Vice President - Kira Fong

Secretary - Narelle Meiers

Treasurer - Gerrard Meiers


Talent Development Coordinator - Trenna Wadge

General Members

Glenn Medland

Angela Powell

Carly Hill

Melissa Gittings

The Broome Sports Association aims:

a) To partner with stakeholders to support and develop sustainable sporting         

    organisations to facilitate growth of local sport.

b) To deliver the Broome Regional Talent Development Program with an aim of

    identifying and developing talented athletes, increasing qualified coaches and

    officials and developing pathways for them to compete at a higher level.

c) To provide opportunities for sporting organisations and people by:

    (i)   engaging organisations and community projects outside of the sports industry;

    (ii)  supporting the development of young people through sport;

    (iii) accessing, developing and using local people for the development of sport.

d) To provide advocacy and leadership for sport in Broome by:

    (i)   identifying and sharing opportunities and trends;

    (ii)  collaborating with stakeholders;

    (iii) encouraging a professional, positive sporting culture. 

e) To recognise local sporting contributions and achievement by:

    (i)   supporting initiatives that acknowledge or assist volunteer contribution to sport;

    (ii)  acknowledging sporting successes;

    (iii) promoting, recording and retaining the sporting history of Broome.


Fostering high performance, opportunity, growth, collaboration and recognition of sport and its participants in the West Kimberley, to facilitate a healthy and active community.


Partner with stakeholders to support and develop sustainable sporting organisations to facilitate growth of local sport.

Organisational Structure

Constitution updated in 2017

AGM is held annually in February

Financial Year is 1st January to 31st December

Executive: President, Vice President, Secretary, Treasurer

General Committee: At least one other member, TDP Coordinator / Head Coach


History – keeping the past in the present


BSA was formed in 2009 with the focus on encouraging sporting clubs to work together to fill gaps in sport and recreation servicing and advocate for local sport. The core business of the BSA was the hosting of the Sports Awards. After a 13 year hiatus the event was held in 2009 and has run every year since, with the exception of 2014 when the Association did not have a working committee.

The Broome Sports Awards have been held from 1979 to 1994, from 2009 to 2013 and ongoing since 2015.


In 2014 a report was completed to establish gaps in coaching and official services. The report was presented to the Department of Local Government, Sport and Cultural Industries (DLSCG) and led to the establishment of a partnership with DLSCG for the Broome Sports Association to coordinate the Broome Regional Talent Development Program.


The key focus of the Broome Sports Association is the delivery of Talent Development Program in partnership with Life & Soul, and the delivery of the annual gala event, the Broome Sports Awards.

Upcoming Events

November 12, 2022

Broome Sports Awards

6pm, Saturday 12 November 2022

Broome Civic Centre

Broome’s most dedicated volunteers and finest athletes, coaches and officials will be recognised at the Broome Sports Awards 2022.