Broome Talent Development Program

What is the Broome Talent Development Program?

The Broome Talent Development Program aims to collaborate with community clubs to identify talented athletes, coached and officials and provide programs to facilitate their development not only in their sport but also as an individual preparing them for higher representation.

Athlete Nominations

Athletes are nominated through a consultation process between local clubs and associations, state sporting associations and the program coordinator and service providers.


Selection Criteria

  • Be aged 13+ years

  • Have the potential to compete at Regional, State or National level

  • Be highly receptive to coaching.

  • Demonstrated desire to succeed, not only in their chosen sport, but also in educational, vocational and personal life.


Each club linked to the program is eligible to nominate a maximum of five athletes. Athletes are then invited to a development camp to be assessed by the Broome Talent Development coaching team.


Athlete responsibilities


  • Be registered with a club or association and affiliate with the state sporting association 

  • Attend training sessions as provided and ensure you record your attendance.

  • Notify the coordinator if you are unable to attend with an explanation as to why. 

  • Utilise a Diary to ensure you are organised

  • Complete Training Diary as requested.

  • Have FUN and enjoy the sessions.                                                                       

  • Make new friends and gain new training buddies.

  • Wear training uniform to sessions and polo shorts to formal events

  • Always behave in accordance with your nominated sports Players Code of Conduct


  • Coaches and Umpires


Our aim is to assist with the development of Coaches and Umpires to Level 2 or Presenter capabilities.  The TDP would like to get to the position where each sport has a qualified presenter of Level O or Level 1 courses here in Broome.  This will enable easier delivery of courses, allowing more flexibility as to when course are delivered and what numbers are required.


The aim is to identify a coach from each sport to mentor and encourage the participating athletes.  They are also invited to attend any athlete development sessions.  The BSA will continue to invite them to any coaching/mentoring sessions when a professional coach is in Town.  We believe that a coach learns from exposure to many sports and we can all share knowledge from each other.

For any enquiries regarding the Broome Sports Association Talent Development Program email